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            1.      Weidendorf is a global dairy brand created by Pinlive Foods Co., Ltd. Under the strategic guidance of "collecting global high-quality milk sources to meet Chinese consumers’ demand". Pinlive selects several dairy manufacturers from the world's golden milk source belt 40 ° to 50 ° north latitude (Germany) and 40 ° to 50 ° south latitude (Australia) for entrusted processing cooperation. Weidendorf, creates a new innovation mode of dairy brand!

                    "Golden milk source belt": the origin of dairy products is the most important section which determines its quality. The best pastures in the world are concentrated in the temperate grass zones of about 40-50 ° in the South and North latitudes. All these factors such as the temperature and humidity, soil composition, water source and rainfall conditions at the four seasons, which determine the growth environment of grasses and cows, and also become the determinant factors of milk quality (protein content, milk fat content, total dry material or milk total solids, cleanliness, etc.). These world's best pastures and dairy products are produced in these two latitudes of the southern and northern hemispheres. Therefore, they are called the two "golden milk source belts" in the northern and southern hemispheres.